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Christmas Io


Christmas Io is a Christmas-themed game. Transform into random characters in the game, collect gifts to grow, and master the game. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Io - Introduction

Welcome gamers to December's theme game - the Christmas Io game! This is a gift given by 4J.Com game makers to all players who love this festival. This engaging game has similar gameplay to Hole.io, but it is more special because it is the game of the most special days at the end of the year.

Tutorial to Play Christmas Io

Game rules

  • In this Xmas game, players will transform into any character chosen by the game system for you. You can be a Santa Claus, a reindeer, a snowman, a bomb, etc. In particular, in the game, you will meet players who may also have the same appearance as you. Don't worry about confusion because you will be given a name for your character before starting the game.
  • The multiplayer game Christmas Io takes players to an online room where players from around the world compete. Each player's task is to control their character to collect gifts in the game. Eating gift boxes will help your character grow bigger and increase your score. Follow the leaderboard in the right corner to know your rank.
  • Bigger players can destroy smaller characters. If you don't want to fall prey to other players, you should collect as many gifts as possible.


To control your character in Christmas Io, you use the mouse to navigate. Also, collecting stockings in this Christmas game will help you speed up. Wish you happy gaming!