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Count Masters


Count Masters is an exciting action game. You are tasked to recruit heroes to form a powerful team and destroy enemies in this game. Good luck!

Guide To Conquer Count Masters

Your mission in Count Masters

Try to imagine what would happen if one day, your area was attacked by bad guys. Are you ready to rise up and fight them?

As a leader, your mission in Count Masters is to recruit like-minded heroes to attack the enemy base and destroy them. To reach the area where the enemy boss is, you will have to confront many of their officers. Destroy them all to move to higher levels and reclaim the territory.

How to play

You are already equipped with a weapon, a gun. While fighting enemies and reaching your base, you will see blue and red gates. Select the blue gates to recruit more teammates. When you have enough numbers and weapons, you can confidently fight them. In addition, you can also collect power-ups to help your weapons achieve higher quality and destructive power.

Some features of Count Masters


Upgrading will make your strength, as well as that of your teammates, better. Players have two options to upgrade before each enemy attack, which are to increase people and increase the fire rate. If you do not increase people, your default number is only one person. But if you upgrade, the number can increase even more. Besides, upgrading your fire rate will help your win rate increase.

Unlock skins

Similar to upgrading, you also have two skin options: unlock skins for characters and skins for weapons. When accumulating enough cash after battles, players can unlock interesting Count Masters skins. These skins are both interesting and fun. Unlock them, and you will have a better game experience.

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