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Fire And Water Geometry Dash


Your mission of Fire And Water Geometry Dash

Fire And Water Geometry Dash is an excellent version of the game. Players control a special cube to overcome all the obstacles and get to the finish line.

Players will control a very special cube that can be transformed flexibly. You need to help it jump and fly to avoid dangerous obstacles and try to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible. Besides, in this maze of Fire And Water Geometry Dash scattered coins, players should collect them as much as possible. You can then use them to buy new skins for your cube.

The specialness of the game

If in other versions of Geometry Dash games, you need to conquer the color maze. However, in this version, your maze is special and dangerous. Sometimes, the maze is all lava, but sometimes, it's water. Therefore, you need to quickly convert your cube into fire to adapt to lava and water to adapt to water. You know, lava and water counteract each other. If you don't quickly transform your cube, it will be destroyed.


  • Click the mouse to jump.
  • Press the spacebar to convert your cube from fire to water or vice versa.

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