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Geometry Dash Horror


Geometry Dash Horror: Can you survive a rhythm-hell? Spooky levels, jump scares, and leaderboard battles in this free online challenge. Good luck!

About Geometry Dash Horror

Geometry Dash Horror takes the addictive gameplay of the original Geometry Dash Lite and infuses it with a spooky atmosphere, guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. This free online game will test your reflexes and courage as you navigate a haunted world of spikes, saws, and other terrifying obstacles.

Playing rhythm game Geometry Dash Horror

Just like the original, Geometry Dash Horror features fast-paced rhythm-based action. Traverse levels filled with creepy imagery, unsettling sound effects, and jump scares that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Complete levels and earn points to unlock a variety of spooky characters, each with their own unique visual flair. Compete with players worldwide! Ascend the leaderboards by completing levels with the highest score and fewest deaths. Can you become the master of the haunted realm?


Tap or click to the beat to propel your cube-shaped character through the level. Precise timing is crucial to avoid deadly obstacles.

Tips to Conquer Your Fears

  • Don't get discouraged by difficult sections. Replay levels to memorize the rhythm and obstacle placement.
  • The music provides clues on when to jump or change direction. Pay close attention to the beat!
  • Trying too hard can lead to frustration. Take short breaks to maintain focus and avoid burnout.
  • If you're new to Geometry Dash, begin with easier levels to get a feel for the controls. Gradually increase the difficulty as your skills improve.
  • While the horror theme might be scary, try to have fun with the creepy atmosphere!