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Geometry Dash Nine Circles


Geometry Dash Nine Circles Information

Geometry Dash Nine Circles was developed by a talented fan of the game Geometry Dash. Navigate the jumping cube, avoid obstacles, and complete the musical race.

Different from other versions

Although it is a fanmade version, Geometry Dash Nine Circles shows that it is not inferior to other versions of the Geometry Dash game series. The game is even extremely loved because of the very reasonable arrangement of its developer. If you've never played this version, give it a try! It will make you unable to take your eyes off easily.

Nine Circles is not too easy like Geometry Dash Lite but also not too challenging like Geometry Dash Bloodbath. That is also the reason why it can be said that this is a pretty perfect version for those who love this running game series.


The controls do not change. You still use the mouse or spacebar to control the cube.

Details about the game Geometry Dash Nine Circles

In this version, the game developer was extremely skillful in placing the spikes not too close together. Interspersed are rotating gears to reveal safe spaces for the cube. Thanks to that, with just a little attention and agility, players can be completely immersed in the space of Geometry Dash Nine Circles.

In addition, spring spring mattresses have two opposing roles. In some cases, you need to use it to jump very high to avoid dangers in the game. On the contrary, the game makers are very smart in designing the beds right above these spring mattresses. If you move into that spring mattress, you will immediately fall into the trap above and the game is over. Therefore, while enjoying the game, players also need to observe the game's map to make reasonable calculations. Hope you get the highest score possible, and even quickly complete the rhythm track of Geometry Dash Nine Circles!