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Halloween Bubble Shooter


Halloween Bubble Shooter is a fun bubble shooting game. The player needs to control the vampire to shoot balls to the exact location for them to explode.

Immerse Yourself in Halloween Bubble Shooter

Continuing to be another game in the series of games in this year's Halloween season, Halloween Bubble Shooter will be the game that we want to introduce to users.

How to play the game:

Similar to other puzzle games like Cut The Rope, this game also requires players to have logical thinking along with sharp observation to be able to complete the game's missions. orchestrate, players will work with the lovely Dracula to arrange the balls so they explode. 3 or more identical balls, when placed next to each other, will explode. You will pass the level when you have burst all the balloons.

Some notes in Halloween Bubble Shooter

Game's challenges

This game is extremely interesting. Although the gameplay is simple, it is quite difficult to pass the missions perfectly. In Halloween Bubble Shooter levels, players will only have a limited number of turns to throw the ball. If you cannot pop all the balloons, your mission will fail. Players should remember that even if there is only one ball left, you still cannot move to the next level. Besides, there are balls covered with nets, you will not be able to destroy them immediately. It will only explode the second time it is impacted.

High scores in Halloween Bubble Shooter

This ball shooting game provides players with a leaderboard where the excellence of featured players is showcased. Like Geometry Dash Lite, if you want to appear on this leaderboard, you have to surpass a lot of other players. That means you need a high score. This ranking will update information on excellent players by day, week, month, and all time. In particular, we want to send gamers a hint. That is, the fewer times you throw the ball to pass the level, the higher the bonus points you will receive.