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House of Hazards Unblocked


House of Hazards Unblocked is a hilarious online multiplayer game. Step into the precarious world of a household setting that's anything but ordinary.

About House of Hazards Unblocked

Brace yourself for a series of unpredictable challenges and zany obstacles as you navigate through a household setting that's anything but ordinary. From slippery floors to rolling boulders, each room presents a new hazard to conquer, all while your opponents try to hinder your progress with their own mischievous tricks.


House of Hazards Unblocked is a fast-paced, side-scrolling game where up to four players can compete against each other in a series of hilarious mini-games. The objective is simple: complete all of your tasks before your opponents do, while also sabotaging their efforts with well-timed traps and hazards.

Each round takes place in a different room of the house, and each room has its own unique set of challenges. Players must use their quick reflexes and cunning strategies to overcome obstacles, avoid traps, and activate their own hazards to disrupt their opponents' progress.

House of Hazards's Features

  • Hilarious multiplayer mayhem for up to four players
  • A variety of zany and unpredictable mini-games
  • A chaotic household setting filled with surprises
  • The ability to sabotage your opponents with traps and hazards
  • A lighthearted and humorous atmosphere

How to play


Player 1 Controls

  • A, D - Move / Change hazard selection
  • W - Jump
  • S - Crouch / Grab player / Activate hazard

Player 2 Controls

  • J, L - Move / Change hazard selection
  • I - Jump
  • K - Crouch / Grab player / Activate hazard

Tips and Tricks

  • Learn the layout of each room and the location of the obstacles and hazards.
  • Pay attention to your opponents' movements and try to predict their actions.
  • Use your traps and hazards strategically to disrupt your opponents' progress.
  • Don't be afraid to get a little bit dirty and sabotage your opponents with mischievous tricks.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the chaos! This game promises to turn your gaming sessions into a riot of laughter and excitement.