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Ram Cars


Ram Cars is an exciting driving game. In this game, the player will control your car to move intelligently, and then attack to eliminate enemies.

About Ram Cars

Gameplay of Ram Cars

Are you a lover of driving games? If the answer is yes, you probably know many good games, including Ram Cars. If in normal games, players will control their car to reach the finish line in the shortest possible time, this game will bring you a new experience.

By joining Ram Cars, players will take on the task of destroying and eliminating their enemies. Your car will have a device attached to the front of the car, blocking opponents, crashing, and destroying their cars.


Use your computer mouse to draw a path for the car. Wherever you draw, the car will go there.

Upgrade in Ram Cars

To be able to eliminate enemies in the game, players need to have strength superior to them. That's why Ram Cars allows gamers to upgrade the power of their cars. Each time you complete a challenge, you receive a certain number of coins. Use those coins to upgrade your car.

Players can upgrade their heat and strength stats. It will display so users know their own stats and even those of their opponents. You can even find out before the match. Thus, players can consider more carefully to have a winning strategy. In addition, if you want to challenge yourself in another game field, the running game Geometry Dash Lite will be a great suggestion for you!