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Geometry Dash LIMBO


Description of Geometry Dash LIMBO

What is Geometry Dash LIMBO?

Geometry Dash LIMBO provides players with a new attractive running platform. You control your cube passing through a lot of spikes and dimensional portals.


The Geometry Dash game series continues and releases a new version called Geometry Dash LIMBO. This is a fanmade game that is designed based on Geometry Dash Lite - the original version. Although it is a fanmade version, this game can still attract many players to play this game and even promote it widely and gain popularity.

Playing Geometry Dash LIMBO

Mission of players

You need to help it run and jump to pass through all the obstacles. The difference between Geometry Dash LIMBO and others is the obstacles. The creative arrangement of challenges by each author will help make the game versions unique and attractive. That's also the reason why Geometry Dash has so many different versions but every version receives positive feedback from players.


Compared to the original game or other fanmade versions like Geometry Rush, and Geometry Dash Bloodbath, the control is unchanged. Start this running game, you still control a cute cube. Click the mouse or press the spacebar to make it jump over the obstacles.

Besides, in Geometry Dash LIMBO there is a ranking board that shows the highest score of excellent players. I believe that you can also do it. Calm down, be patient, and try your best to run as far as possible, overcome as many obstacles as possible, and get the highest score possible so that your nickname as well as achievement is also displayed on the leaderboard this class.