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Doodle Jump


Doodle Jump has won over players all around the world with its simple but challenging gameplay. You'll assist Doodler in making the highest jump possible.

Gameplay of Doodle Jump

The game's mission

Your goal is to jump from one platform to another. Platforms vary in size and shape, and some have special properties, such as trampolines that propel you higher or breakable platforms that disappear after a single jump. The more platforms you come into contact with, the higher your chances of reaching higher heights. That also means you will get a higher score.

Items in Doodle Jump

Obstacles: The Doodle Jump universe is filled with obstacles, including monsters, UFOs, and black holes. Colliding with any of these obstacles ends your game.

Power-ups: Power-ups, such as jetpacks and propeller hats, can help you reach greater heights and survive longer. Collect them whenever you can.

Pick-Up Springs: Some springs allow you to bounce higher. Utilize them strategically to access higher platforms or avoid obstacles.

Enemies: Shoot enemies with your blaster to eliminate them and clear your path. But be careful, as some enemies are more challenging to defeat than others.

Strategies for Success

Stay Centered: Keep the Doodler as close to the center of the screen as possible. This allows you to react more quickly to approaching platforms and obstacles.

Watch for Patterns: Platforms often appear in patterns. Observe these patterns and plan your jumps accordingly to reach higher.

Prioritize Power-ups: Whenever you encounter a power-up, try to collect it. Jetpacks and propeller hats, in particular, can significantly expand your gameplay.

Stay Calm: Doodle Jump can get hectic, especially as you ascend higher. Stay calm, focus on each jump, and avoid panicking in tight situations.

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