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Geometry Dash Breeze


Geometry Dash Breeze is the new version of the Geometry Dash running game series. The goal is still to get the cube over obstacles and reach the finish line.

Geometry Dash Breeze Information


Welcome to Geometry Dash Breeze, a fascinating running game! Do you remember the Geometry Dash Lite game? Both of these games belong to the running game series that has been taking the world by storm. Let's find out what's special about this new version!

Play the Geometry Dash Breeze game

Still familiar images of this game series, you control a cube with the task of conquering all the challenges of the game. However, the challenges of Geometry Dash Breeze can be said to be one of the most intense challenges ever in this game series. The game includes many new challenges, with a fast pace that forces players to need more flexible reflexes to avoid losing.

Features of Geometry Dash Breeze

Game modes

Currently, Geometry Dash Breeze offers users 3 game modes with different challenge settings, and different but extremely interesting main colors:

  • Over the cloud - Pink, purple with white clouds background.
  • Into the zone- Green color.
  • Ghost ship - Yellow.

Control the game

Click the mouse to avoid obstacles, jump over spikes, and reach the finish line. In the game, you can even experience transforming your cube into a UFO and conquering the racetrack.