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Fish Eat Fish


Fish Eat Fish - Play The Game


Fish Eat Fish is an engaging arcade game and worth a try. You can explore and conquer the ocean, competing fairly to become the strongest underwater.

Arcade or survival games are very familiar to gamers. However, today we will learn about a more fun survival game called Fish Eat Fish. Set in the vast ocean, you will transform into a fish, competing with other players (fish).

How to play

Players will move around this vast ocean. Your mission is to collect as much food as possible, so your fish can grow faster. Once you are old enough, you can start hunting. Your prey is other players, but you can only attack fish that are smaller than you. If attacked by bigger ones, it's best to run away. If any player is eaten by an enemy, the player will be eliminated from the battle. Each fish has a number, representing the strength of that fish. The larger the fish's number, the greater its size and strength, and it can attack others.

Controls: Players use the mouse to control their fish. Hold the mouse to accelerate.

Some Essential Tips For You

  • First, players should collect sea creatures first. It will help you accumulate energy and strength.
  • In particular, starfish will bring you more points.
  • Players should speed up as soon as they detect an enemy attacking them or see prey nearby.
  • Try to avoid the octopuses in the sea. It can cause you to be stunned, slow down your movement, or even lose points.
  • Players need energy to accelerate. When you run out of energy, collect food to replenish your energy.

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