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Geometry Dash Sonic Wave


Geometry Dash Sonic Wave is a running game inspired by Geometry Dash game. Jumping over each obstacle to achieve the highest possible score is your main task.

Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Introduction

This is an unofficial game version, created by lovers of the Geometry Dash series. If you have ever played games in this series, you will see the appeal they bring. Therefore, it is not strange that big fans of this game series update and create different game versions. Among them is the game that we will introduce to you today - Geometry Dash Sonic Wave.

Guide to Play Geometry Dash Sonic Wave

Player's mission

When it comes to the challenge of this game, the player's task is to control your cube to overcome obstacles. This is similar to previous versions of the game. However, in Geometry Dash Sonic Wave, the challenges are even more difficult. Obstacles such as spikes and cogs continuously appear with great frequency and very close together. That causes no small obstacles for players. But the more you play, the more you will like it and can't take your eyes off it.

Some suggestions for you

To be able to play Geometry Dash Sonic Wave well, players need to clearly understand the rules of the game, how to move and the obstacles in the game. In addition, you should also exercise regularly. This will help players become more familiar with the game because the practice mode and competition mode will have completely the same game structure.

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There are many other games, we will continue to introduce to players. Wish you happy gaming!