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Merge Fruits


Description of Merge Fruits

Merge Fruits takes you to an attractive fruit paradise! Can you find watermelons and collect them? Try to collect as many watermelons as possible!

Have you ever thought about what it would be like one day when you get lost in the world of fruit? That would be awesome, right? A place filled with colours and favourite fruits. That will be shown in the Merge Fruits online game! If you like, please join the game!

Guide to collecting watermelons

Merge fruits together

Watermelon is the biggest fruit in this game. To collect a watermelon, players need to combine two ones together. However, before that, you need to overcome a series of other challenges. To create watermelons in Merge Fruits, players need to merge smaller fruits together. Similar fruits can be combined, and small fruits will form larger fruits. For example, two grapes combined together form a tomato, etc. Just like that, until you create watermelons and combine them. Thus, you can collect watermelons. The player's task is to collect as many watermelons as possible. Besides, when you merge and collect smaller fruits, you can also get points. The bigger the fruit, the higher the score you get!

Features of Merge Fruits

  • The game has interesting gameplay and is easy to play.
  • Many different types of fruits will appear in Merge Fruits.
  • Vivid graphics and fun sounds.

Platform: Geometry Dash Lite