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Monkey Mart


Monkey Mart is a simulation game where you run your own grocery store. You have to buy and sell products, manage your inventory, and keep your customers happy

Enjoy the Monkey Mart Game

The reason Monkey Mart is loved

As a game for all audiences, Monkey Mart is suitable for both men and women, from adults to children. However, I think it will especially appeal to children because of its attractive graphics, and to business interests because it really simulates supermarket business activities.

The game is very rewarding. When players are able to build a successful business, it is a very satisfying feeling. Players can also see their progress over time as they unlock new products and features.

The game is very cute and charming. The monkey characters are adorable and the overall tone of the game is lighthearted and fun. This makes it a great game to play for people of all ages.


The gameplay is simple yet challenging. The basic mechanics of the game are easy to learn, but there is a lot of depth to the gameplay. Players have to carefully manage their inventory, prices, and marketing in order to be successful. You will be an agile monkey, managing all activities in your supermarket. Whether it's sales, payments, or even growing and harvesting products right there.

Controls: Use the arrow keys to control the monkey in this game.

Monkey Mart Features

  • You will be responsible for all aspects of your grocery store, including buying and selling products, managing your inventory, and keeping your customers happy.
  • Like Geometry Dash Lite, the game features a cast of cute and charming monkey characters.
  • Expanding your store and business items will help you earn more money.
  • Hire more employees and upgrade the monkeys' productivity to ensure business operations always run smoothly.
  • The developers of Monkey Mart are always adding new content and features to the game. This keeps the game fresh and exciting for players.