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About Paper.io Game

Paper.io brings an interesting online playground for gamers. The mission of each player is to expand their kingdom and destroy their enemies.

This game is one of the most famous games of the Voodoo company, which has produced a series of famous video games. Although the game has simple gameplay, it is addictive and makes players play over and over again. We believe you will like it too.

Guide To Playing Paper.io

Follow the game rules

Your task is to move around the game map to expand your territory. Start from a small kingdom on the map. You will invade your surroundings to make your territory larger and larger. If you do well, you can be the owner of the largest territory on the list of players on that map. It sounds simple, but the truth is that it is not. Your paper cube will move like a snake, wherever it goes, your territory will expand.

But if you accidentally bite yourself, the game ends, and you will be eliminated immediately. Not only that, other players can also eliminate you from the game in the same way - biting you.


Hover the mouse to navigate the paper block. Note that you should not move too far from your territory if you do not want to be attacked by enemies.

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