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Slime Road


Description of Slime Road

What is Slime Road?

Slime Road is a fun running game. Control your slime to conquer the game's challenging tracks while facing off against other slimes in the game.

How to play

In the game, you will be accompanied by a colorful slime. Why is it called color sime? That's because it can change color from blue to green, or purple and vice versa. You and your slime will conquer the endless and extremely challenging racetrack. On the Slime Road, the game speed gets faster and faster. Therefore, you need to control your slime carefully to avoid hitting dangerous obstacles. The farther you run, the higher score you will receive. What will your record be? Play the game and let us know nehs!

Interesting things in Slime Road

  • Slime Road has simple gameplay.
  • Slime can change color after passing through walls. Whatever color the wall is, your slime will change to that color.
  • You can also collect slimes of the same color. However, if you crash into slimes of different colors, you will be eliminated.
  • The slimes on the track can move.
  • Pay attention to the colored gates. You can just walk through the space between them instead of crashing straight into them.
  • Whatever color your slime is, the game's background will change to that color.

Slime Road is really a good running game. But if you want to experience many running games, don't miss famous games like Geometry Dash Lite and Count Masters.