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Super Brawl 2


Super Brawl 2 takes you to fierce arenas. There, you will be a fighter, fighting against other powerful fighters. How many opponents can you defeat?

Super Brawl 2 Game

Welcome to the world of Super Brawl 2's cartoon characters! The game is where a martial arts competition takes place between famous cartoon characters such as Skipper and Rico the Penguins, Spongebob, Plankton, Bessie, etc. Together with them, you will become a powerful warrior, conquering all arenas, and defeating all opponents. Can you do it?

Guide to playing Super Brawl 2

Your aim in the game

Sure, your mission is to win. Whether playing Super Brawl 2 or any other game, the player's mission remains the same, which is to achieve the best results possible towards their victory. In this action game is similar. You need to defeat each of your opponents to win.

Choose your character and participate in the battles. Each character in the game will be equipped with different powers and characteristics. If you make good use of their advantages and at the same time, know how to seize opportunities, you will be a winner.


  • Use the left/right keys to move.
  • Use the up key to jump.
  • Use the down key to block.
  • Press Z to kick and X to punch.
  • Use your super attack by pressing -> + -> + X

Super Brawl 2's game modes

The game offers you many different game modes. Each mode has its own characteristics that make it attractive. You can try playing.

Arcade: Customize your brawl. You pick the fighters and stages.

Tournament: Advance your way through the tournament. 1 challenger at a time.

Tag Team: 2 fighters are better than 1. Pick a partner and brawl together in this brand-new feature.

Survival: The ultimate challenge: see how many players you can defeat with just 1 bar of health.

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