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Super Matino Adventure


Super Matino Adventure helps gamers experience an interesting world. You will control your character to collect coins as well as avoid challenges.

Super Matino Adventure Online

Welcome to the amazing adventure game on our website. Super Matino Adventure game is one of the interesting entertainment platforms that today we want to introduce to gamers. If you are interested in it, please visit our Geometry Dash Lite website immediately to enjoy and experience many other games.


When starting to play Super Matino Adventure, players will soon realize that this game is clearly inspired by the legendary game Super Mario. However, it has been upgraded a lot, especially in terms of graphics and controls. That is also the reason why the game attracts so many users.

Game rules of Super Matino Adventure

In this game, our character Matino is exploring the world. He seems to have gone to work in a mushroom world where natural conditions are very developed. To return to his castle, Matino needs to overcome all the challenges. You need to help him avoid collisions with monsters mushrooms, snails, or fast-flowing rivers. Everything can kill you at any time, so don't make any mistakes!

Enjoy Super Matino Adventure

Guide to play

With that said Super Matino Adventure is a lot more updated than the game that inspired it. Therefore, the controls of this game are extremely simple. Players only need to use the arrow keys to navigate the character such as going left, right, or jumping up.

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Some features of Super Matino Adventure

  • In the game, players will have the opportunity to face diverse challenges from hundreds of different levels. And of course, the difficulty of the levels will also gradually increase. Are you ready?
  • However, you don't need to worry too much. There will be power-ups that will help you a lot. Collect super mushrooms stored in mysterious boxes to have great power, and go through monsters without losing your life.
  • Players will also be equipped with 3 lives to serve this adventure trip.
  • Super Matino Adventure has a timer to count the time it takes you to complete the challenge.
  • Collect as many coins as possible to improve your personal performance in this exciting game.