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Tanuki Sunset


About Tanuki Sunset

Shred the sunset with Tanuki Sunset

Buckle up, grab your virtual longboard, and get ready to carve your way through breathtaking landscapes in Tanuki Sunset. This vibrant running game puts you in the paws of Tanuki, a radical raccoon with a serious need for speed. Tanuki Sunset throws you into a world of downhill longboarding bliss. Weave through sun-drenched mountain ranges, cruise down bustling city streets, and feel the sand spray on your face as you race along the beaches of Sunset Island. The game boasts stunning visuals with a synthwave aesthetic that perfectly complements the chill vibes and high-octane gameplay.

Master the art of the slide

Tanuki Sunset isn't just about point-to-point racing. It's about mastering the art of the longboard. Drift through tight corners, launch yourself off ramps with epic jumps, and grind rails with style. The more stylish and risky your maneuvers, the higher your score But be careful, one wrong move and you'll be tumbling face-first into the pavement.

As you progress, you'll collect Tanuki Bits, the in-game currency. Use these bits to unlock new skateboards, outfits for Tanuki, and even special tricks. Challenge yourself to climb the online leaderboards and become the ultimate longboarding champion.

Tanuki Sunset For Who?

  • Craves a rush of adrenaline
  • Loves captivating visuals and a killer soundtrack
  • Wants to test their reflexes and skateboarding skills with a unique twist

Grab your board, chase the sunset, and carve your name into a longboarding legend with Tanuki Sunset! Or, immerse yourself in the speed and fun of Moto X3M and A Difficult Game About Climbing.