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About Yumsters

Yumsters is a fun game. You will help their band earn more money, buy musical equipment and participate in the musical contest in the fairy town.

We have experienced rhythm games called Geometry Dash Lite and Geometry Dash Neon. Now, another music-related game, named Yumsters! They are crazy about fruit and music. They clean up fruit from gardens to earn money for their band. Help them to get the best equipment for their band and win the grand prize at the main musical contest in the fairy town. Are you ready to join the fun with this cute band?

Help Yumsters buy musical instruments

Harvest fruit

Your mission is to help our band earn more income. They can harvest fruit in the garden to sell for money. After collecting enough coins, they can start buying each type of musical instrument such as drums, guitars, etc. However, Yumsters members can only harvest fruits of the same color as themselves, and they can only harvest fruits of the same color as themselves. cannot overlap each other to get the fruit. Therefore, they need your help. Players need to use observation skills as well as reflexes to arrange appropriate positions for the characters.

Also, don't forget to collect power-ups in Yumsters. Collecting drops of water will make the sky pour, and the trees will bear fruit faster. Collect the boss to increase fruit collection speed. You can also collect x2 to double the amount,... There are also many other power-ups, don't miss them.

Some notes

  • The fruits in Yumsters may gradually freeze after a period of not being harvested. Clicking on them will help break the icy layer outside.
  • You will not lose until there is no more space for new fruit to be placed.
  • You can swap Yumsters between holes. Drag a Yumster to the desired hole then release it.
  • Beware of bugs! Don't let them stop you from harvesting fruit in your garden.
  • Click on a Yumster body to make it eat faster.
  • Drag a Yumster through lines of the same coloured fruit to form combos.