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Geometry Dash Maze Maps


What is Geometry Dash Maze Maps?

Geometry Dash Maze Maps is a new version of this running game series. You will control your cube to overcome all the obstacles as well as reach the destination.

It is completely different from any other Geometry Dash version of the game. This game has the most obvious change in the game's race. There are no longer horizontal scrolling tracks; now the game's tracks have been changed to match its name - Geometry Dash Maze Maps. The maps are designed as mazes. The paths are complicated with obstacles, but they still do not lose their fun.

Play Geometry Dash Maze Maps

Enjoy the game

Although there have been certain changes in game design, the appeal of Geometry Dash Maze Maps is not diminished compared to other versions such as Geometry Dash Lite, or Geometry Dash Sonic Wave. It even receives more favour and attention because of this difference.

In terms of gameplay, there is no difference. Your main mission remains unchanged. Try to control your cube to avoid dangerous obstacles without affecting your performance. After overcoming the spikes of the Maze Maps version, you will reach the portal at the end of each map in the game. Just reach the portal, your mission is completed, and you can move on to conquer other maps.

How to control

Click the mouse to jump.

In practice mode:

  • Press Z to set a checkpoint.
  • Press X to delete a checkpoint.