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Little Runmo


Little Runmo simulates the exciting journey of green creatures. You will accompany him to collect coins and defeat all traps. Try to go as far as possible.

Little Runmo Game

Welcome players to the adventure game that is very popular on web browsers. This is a game inspired by an interesting video on YouTube and developed by Gooseworx game makers. The game has created a huge buzz among game lovers thanks to its eye-catching graphics and exciting gameplay like Super Matino Adventure.

Guide To Play Little Runmo


When participating in this game, you will accompany the main character - a lovely green creature. He is on a journey to explore the mysterious forest. Will you help him?

There are many traps waiting to attack you in Little Runmo. Dangerous abysses, monsters, or spike traps are enemies that you need to be careful when confronting. Players need to try to leave all those dangers behind to complete their mission. At the same time, collect as many coins as possible.

Some tips

  • Players use A/D or arrow keys to move.
  • Use the left-click to jump and the right-click to fly.
  • You have 3 lives to explore the game.
  • Collect extra lives to continue the game.
  • Checkpoints will help you return to the game at the closest possible location.