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My Halloween Park


Guide to Play My Halloween Park

My Halloween Park is a good game that will be hot during this year's Halloween season. Here, players will start their business by operating an amusement park.

My Halloween Park gameplay

When participating in the challenge of this game, players will play the role of a manager of their own amusement park. You know, at amusement parks, haunted houses are one of the most popular entertainment activities. Players will also mainly focus on this area at My Halloween Park.

First, you will use your little capital to build a haunted house. In turn, every 2 customers will enter that house with 2 zombies. At the end of each turn, they will go out and pay you. Players need to work hard to have enough zombies to serve customers and quickly expand their business.

How to play

If you have ever played the game Monkey Mart, you will see that these two games are quite similar to each other. Whether in terms of gameplay or controls, they still have similarities. The player will use the mouse to indicate the character's movement direction. However, if Monkey Mart is a farm-oriented game, My Halloween Park is a game designed to serve the Halloween season.

Of course, whether it's a holiday or not, you can still indulge in this game. Build your own amusement park and show off to your friends to see who can grow their business the fastest in this game!

Expand your business in My Halloween Park

Coming to this game, players will see that customers who come to your park really like the haunted house game. They lined up in large numbers to wait for their turn to experience the game. Therefore, players can even open more such houses to serve customers as well as earn more income.

In addition, you can also expand more diverse types of business. In addition to the haunted house, there are many other mini-games that can be played in My Halloween Park, or you can also join a new game called Geometry Dash Lite. Once additional services have been opened, players also need to upgrade their character in terms of capacity or ghost carry.